Rodeoh Compression, Body Binding T-Tape - Light Beige

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Designed for body taping, breast lifting, supporting, compression and/or "binding", Body T-Tape by UNIQUE is a medical grade breathable body tape.
When applied as recommended, Body T-Tape by UNIQUE can be worn for multiple days, so you can sleep, shower, and work out while wearing it!

Recommended for coverage of breast cup sizes B-D.
Each roll measures 12.7cm wide x 5m in length.
Uncut roll allows you to cut pieces to the desired length for your body shape.
Waterproof and sweat proof.

UNIQUE has over 25 years of experience in healthcare products. Their products have certification for CE, ISO and are approved by the FDA in USA. Ranked as a leader in the international distribution of medical supplies, UNIQUE adheres to scientific and technological innovations to accelerate the optimization and upgrading of products.

Wash the application area with soap and water and completely dry the skin. Oils, lotions, and moisturisers in soaps can prevent the nipple cover from adhering.
To apply, remove the sticker backing from the nipple cover and place it centred over the nipple. Once in the desired position, firmly press the adhesive to the skin. Do not pull or stretch when applying.

To remove, first saturate the surround of the nipple cover where the adhesive is with body safe liquid body oil or water. This will allow the oil or water to soak through the nipple cover and loosen the adhesive. Remove the nipple cover very slowly to limit skin irritation.

Once removed, rehydrate the skin with oil or lotion. Allow the skin to breathe uncovered overnight or for several days in-between applications.

Use only as instructed. Do not apply to irritated skin or open wounds. Discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor if you experience any signs of severe skin irritation, allergic reaction, or blistering.