Pastease Red Faux Latex X Chain Nipple Pasties

Wherever you'll need your Pastease®, whether it's the bedroom or the burlesque stage, elevate your moments with the Pastease® Faux Latex Red Chain X Pasties, a sultry blend of style, sensuality, and playfulness.

Handcrafted with precision in North Idaho, USA.

  • Sensual Design with Chain Detail:
    • The Faux Latex Red Chain X Pasties feature a seductive plunging silver chain that links the pasties together, adding an extra layer of allure and sensuality to your intimate moments. Unleash your fantasies with a design that's both fashionable and provocative.
  • Tuggable Chain for Bedroom Fun:
    • The silver chain is carefully designed to be tuggable without causing damage, allowing for playful interactions and bedroom fun. Explore new heights of pleasure and intimacy with this unique and versatile feature.
  • Generous Dimensions for Comfort:
    • Measuring 3"x3" (7.6cm x 7.6cm) with a circular nipple coverage diameter of 1.6" (4cm), the Pastease® Red Chain X Pasties provide generous coverage for a secure and eye-catching fit. Enjoy the comfort and style that these pasties bring to your intimate wardrobe.
  • Easy Application, Secure Hold:
    • Just peel-and-stick on clean, dry skin! All Pastease® pasties feature latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that stays securely in place for as long as you desire. The removal is gentle, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Safe For Skin

All PASTEASE™ adhesive products are latex-free and leave the skin with no signs of irritation upon removal.


PASTEASE™ products are hand-made, in-house, with LOVE while using the highest-grade materials.


PASTEASE™ pasties are waterproof and sweat resistant, keeping you worry free for any occasion.

R 499.00

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