Beltza White Dentelle Lace Brazillian Knickers

There's nothing quite like a cheeky Brazillian! These delightfully comfortable and rather cheekilicious panties are fabulous in all colours and sizes.


  • Brazillian cut (similar to boy shorts, but sit across your cheeks)
  • Made from stretch lace which is soft and comfortable as well as invisible under most clothes (that skin-tight catsuit is an exception though)
  • Cotton gusset for added comfort and breathability


Our sizing runs according to your usual underwear size, so if you usually wear a Medium, buy a Medium.


We keep a small stash of stock on hand and once that stock is finished, we make to order. We will let you know how long your order will take to get to you, please expect a lead time of up to 2 weeks for made to order items.

If you would like a custom size, please get in touch with Jenn at

R 416.00

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