Beltza Lingerie has teamed up with RodeoH, an LGBTQ+ brand founded in USA and loved around the globe.  We made the decision to add the RodeoH range to offer the South African community access to comfortable, well made and functional underwear and accessories.

There are a lot of styles available, so we have started with the basics and classic styles for pre-ordering (for now).  As we order, we'll bring in more styles and sizes.  A sale will be run for the last 7 days of each month, then a bulk order will be sent to the RodeoH HQ in USA on the first day of the following month.  From there, we expect the goodies to arrive mid month so delivery will commence around the 20th.  Orders will still be possible outside of the sale at the full retail price.

Feel free to complete our contact form or get in touch with us on WhatsApp or Telegram, you can chat to Jenn on 074 674 3194 in reasonable hours.