About Beltza Lingerie

Beltza Lingerie gives you perfect luxe seduction.

We understand the importance of wearing comfortable underwear which is why we source and create our products with comfort front of mind. The fact that our lingerie and loungewear is also beautiful to look at is an extra bonus, because who says you can't have it all, right?

Jenn Hattingh, the founder and creative director for Beltza Lingerie, believes that every woman is a femme fatale in her own right. “At the end of the day, I want to see ladies happy with the lingerie they decide to wear each day. After all, it’s the first thing we put on each morning! My goal for Beltza is to help the beautiful and powerful women in South Africa overcome all odds, while wearing comfy undies and their favourite shoes…"

Beltza Lingerie quite simply means ‘Black Lingerie’.  Beltza is a Basque word meaning ‘black’.  Basque Country is a small county in the Pyrenees mountains in-between Spain and France. They are an exclusive group of people who keep to themselves and are fiercely protective of their culture which aligns well with what we’re doing with our lingerie and loungewear ranges. It is rumoured that women were the heads of the households and oversaw the property laws and hereditary lineage back in the day.